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"Working with Jack has been profound and life altering and I recommend him highly.  The integrity, commitment, and presence he brings to each session is what makes working with him so deeply effective."

-Justone Bossert



About Jack:


Blocks to musicianship are something that I’ve known intimately. My musical journey has led me through the depths of physical, mental, and emotional struggle. Through my teens, as I played guitar I experienced periods of deep insecurity, lack of confidence, and frequent mean self-talk. Then at age 21, I began to experience extreme chronic pain in my wrist from playing.

A several year journey ensued, and I had to relearn to play the guitar all over again with much better habits. I also had to confront and heal my insecurities and low self-worth stories. Through this process, my pain disappeared and slowly a sense of ease, freedom, rapid musical progress, and a beautifully nourishing depth of musical connection began to become more and more available to me. What felt like a curse in my life had become a blessing.

My passion now lies in helping other musicians to tap the tremendous gifts of musicianship for themselves and to overcome the physical, mental, and emotional blocks that are getting in their way.

It would be an honor to be your ally along your musical journey.

To read more about my musical journey, click here.


Photo by Writto

Photo by Writto


“Ah, music...A magic beyond all we do here.”

-Albus Dumbledore

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