Holistic Private Guitar Lessons Taught Via Skype


These lessons are not typical guitar lessons.

I help students thrive by helping them overcome the physical, mental, and emotional blocks that stifle success when learning guitar

These blocks include:

  • Always wanting to learn to play guitar, but not diving in for whatever reason

  • Attempting to learn guitar several times without success

  • Feeling frustrated or discouraged constantly when trying to learn

  • Feeling like your fingers are not coordinated enough, too small, or incapable of playing well

  • Practicing but feeling like you’re not getting any better

  • Finding difficulty getting yourself to practice consistently

  • Finding no joy or fun in guitar playing

  • Experiencing physical discomfort or pain when playing

  • Feeling creatively blocked or stuck

  • Feeling intense anxiety and nervousness arising around playing in front of others

Holistic Guitar Lessons help you overcome these blocks and thrive as a guitarist by providing:

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Physical Support:

Learn how to develop physical habits that will make your playing feel easy and speed your musical progress dramatically

Most people learn guitar without giving any thought to how they are using their bodies to play. This leads to an extremely uphill battle, because all sorts of unnecessary tension gets ingrained into their muscles and interferes with progress. Through learning mindful playing habits, 10 hours of practice will be more effective than 50 hours of practice without this awareness.

Get more with less time and energy


Mental/Emotional Support:

Work through and overcome the insecurities, fears, doubts, mean self-talk, and low self-worth stories getting in the way of your musical enjoyment and aspirations

These mental and emotional blocks are a major hindrance that so many beginning and more advanced musicians deal with on a consistent basis. They can quickly kill the fun and the desire to even pick up the guitar and are the most common reason people quit playing altogether. I focus on helping you work through these emotional challenges as they arise to ensure that your guitar playing journey leads to confidence and joy.

Don’t let fear and self-doubt stand in the way of becoming the guitarist you want to be

Spiritual Support:

Learn to play music in a way that is therapeutic, healing, and deeply nourishing to your mind, body, and soul

Playing music can be so powerful and its value to us can go so deep. Music can make us feel alive. It can inspire us. It can bring tears to our eyes. It can open our hearts and make us not feel alone in this world. It can bring us into deeper connection with ourselves, others, and the whole universe. We can be feeling so much pain, grief, or anger, and it can provide deep therapy for us...

Discover the immense gifts that playing music has to offer you


  • Learn guitar from the comfort of your own home

  • Safe and supportive learning environment

  • Finally be able to play the music you love

  • Discover that learning guitar can feel joyful, fun, and fulfilling

  • Develop a sense of ease and confidence with the guitar

  • Develop a deep loving friendship with the guitar rather than a relationship of frustration and discouragement

  • Learn quicker and more efficiently than typical guitar lessons

  • Learn to navigate performance anxiety and feel safer sharing your music

  • Discover a way of playing that is free of discomfort and pain

  • Learn to play your favorite songs, improvise and jam with others, write songs, or even start a band

Specifics of Lessons:

  • Private lessons are either 1 hour or 1.5 hours in length

  • Skype and good quality internet connection are required (Zoom and Google Hangouts are also possibilities if you prefer)

  • Lesson packages range from $240-$420 monthly

  • Learn from a 20 year guitarist, movement specialist, creativity coach, and personal counselor all rolled into one

  • These lessons provide a uniquely tailored musical education based on your passions, goals, challenges, and musical tastes

  • I don’t overbook myself. I only take 15 students at a time to ensure that I give my students the best quality support.


How enrollment works:

  1. Complete a 20 minute consultation phone/Skype call to see if we are a good match for working together.

  2. Complete an introductory lesson where you will have a direct experience of how I teach and we can determine the best way to move forward.


To schedule your free 20 minute consultation phone/Skype call, please fill out the form below:

Please list your time zone and a few times you are available to speak on the phone.


About Jack:

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Blocks to guitar playing are something that I know intimately. My musical journey has led me through the depths of physical, mental, and emotional struggle. Through my teens, as I played guitar I experienced periods of deep insecurity, lack of confidence, and frequent mean self-talk like, “I suck.” Then at age 21, I began to experience extreme chronic pain in my wrist from playing.

A several year journey ensued, and I had to relearn to play the guitar all over again with much better habits. I also had to confront and heal my insecurities and low self-worth stories. Through this process, my pain disappeared and slowly a sense of ease, freedom, rapid musical progress, and a beautifully nourishing depth of musical connection began to become more and more available to me. What felt like a curse in my life had become a blessing.

I now realize that the key to success as a guitarist is in overcoming the blocks that arise along the way. Since I have been teaching with this focus, I have watched my students thriving like never before.

The guitar has been such an incredible and transformational part of my life, and nothing makes me happier than helping people discover the joys of playing music for themselves. It would be an honor to be your ally and guide along your musical journey.

To read more about my musical journey, click here.




Jeri Silverman - Recording Artist

New York City/Cape Town, South Africa


"Jack is a guitar Jedi Master. In just 2 months, I feel myself becoming one with the 6-string force. I am learning about so much more than just chords and patterns. Jack excels at helping students find inner balance, freedom to experiment, and the ability to play with our whole bodies."

-Dante Doig-Acuña


"Jack is a great teacher. His unique approach gets beyond the surface level, addressing the physical and mental blocks that stand in the way of improvement. He'll put you on the right track to both play better guitar and feel good doing it."

-Dane Schneider

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"Ah music...A magic beyond all we do here."

-Albus Dumbledore

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