Episode 4 - Music and Nature with Shelley Holland-Moritz

In today’s episode concert violist Shelley Holland-Moritz and I explore music and its connection to nature, working with perfectionism in a healthy way, and tapping into the deeper reasons for why we play music.

We also speak about holistically working through performance anxiety and the prevalent use of beta blockers when performing in the professional musician community.

Episode 3 - Vocal Ease with Andrew Fuchs

The human voice is an extremely powerful musical instrument. And given that with the voice, we are the instrument, it offers all manner of unique possibilities and challenges.

In today’s episode, classically trained singer Andrew Fuchs shares about the power of physical, mental, and emotional self-care as a musician. He also shares with us a whole bunch of tips and tools for maximizing our vocal potential, as well as working through challenges with performance anxieties, insecurities, jealousy, and the physical demands of being a musician.

Episode 2 - Music as a Spiritual Path with Carol Emanuel

There is so much potential for personal growth and deeper connection with ourselves through music. My guest - harpist, singer, and songwriter Carol Emanuel has been exploring this for herself for the past 55 years.

She shares with us her experience of working through challenges with ego, insecurity, depression, and chronic pain and about how we can cultivate an ever deepening spiritual relationship to music, ourselves, and the whole world through our playing.

Episode 1 - From Suffering to Thriving as a Musician

Welcome to the first episode of The Holistic Musicianship Podcast, a show designed to help musicians thrive and tap into the deepest gifts music has to offer us.

For this first episode, I’ll share my story of the many hardships I’ve faced along my own musical journey - debilitating chronic pain, intense insecurity and jealousy as a musician, and a lot more.

And I’ll also speak about how working through all of these challenges has led me to a much richer and far more beautiful relationship to music than I ever knew possible when I was younger.